About Me

Calliope Piano Service was formed by Jim Alfredson, Jr. in the late 1970s. After the birth of his second son (number five of seven children), Jim decided to retire from the late nights of a club musician's life and went into piano tuning and restoration full-time. He quickly carved out a niche of restoring and repairing the kind of vintage upright pianos that most technicians avoid, building a loyal client base due to his prompt service, professionalism, gentle demeanor, and respect.

In late 2007, after retiring from restoration work, Jim began teaching the art of piano tuning and repair to me, his eldest son, Jim III. I enjoyed the many hours we spent together as he meticulously tutored me in aural tuning methods and basic piano repair and maintenance. He planned to retire in early 2009.

Unfortunately, my father passed away unexpectedly in May of 2008, leaving his legacy in my hands. I am proud to be a second-generation piano technician and tuner. In the short time since his passing I have already amassed a humble reference of pleased clients. This spring, I plan to open my own restoration shop for the refurbishment of old uprights. My first two projects in the new shop will be a 1905 Knabe upright for a client and my own personal 1922 Grinnell Bros. upright.

Like my father, I specialize in vintage uprights. I can do whatever repairs necessary to bring an antique piano back to it's former glory based on your budget. I can perform major repair work, saving a fine old instrument for you and avoiding the cost of a new one. I treat every instrument with the utmost care and respect.

I would like to offer you my expertise. I will be attentive to your needs, available on short notice for special functions, and will keep in touch on a regular basis.

You will find me to be honest, capable, pleasant, and easy to work with. My prices are very reasonable.

Please feel free to call me anytime.